GoodHemp is our commercial pipeline of superior non-GMO hemp seed varieties developed with modern crop innovation tools focused on genetic improvement of hemp. The varieties improve plant quality and productivity—working within federal legal guidelines. GoodHemp products deliver superior emergence and growth characteristics, available as both seeds and clones. Our varieties meet compliance requirements because of their ultra-low THC profiles, in addition to a multitude of other beneficial characteristics.

We are leading the charge in developing top hemp varieties for industrial production as we bring the improvements of modern agriculture to this newly legal crop. Due to our vast experience in optimizing other crops, we are bringing innovative hemp varieties to market faster and meeting grower needs. We understand the changes in regulations and are committed to partnering with growers through a supportive, transparent approach to the market with innovative products that meet all regulatory standards.


About Arcadia Biosciences

Crop Innovation

Using science to enhance the quality and nutritional value of crops

At Arcadia, we use science to enhance the quality and nutritional value of crops in order to deliver unique health and wellness benefits in consumer products. We’re experts in innovating crops and providing high-value, healthy ingredients to help meet consumer demands for a healthier lifestyle. Our technologies enable farmers around the world to be more productive amidst challenging regulations along with economic and environmental conditions.

Scientific Leadership

Pioneers in high-value agricultural productivity traits

Whether optimizing crops for higher nutritional value, improving climate resiliency, or maximizing yield, shelf-life, and oil content, our know-how is unparalleled. Together, the scientific leadership team at Arcadia carries more than 100 years of combined experience in both university and corporate research with proven track records in crop innovation. Since 2002, our team has established Arcadia as a pioneer in high-value agricultural productivity traits. With global R&D headquarters located in Davis, California, we’re uniquely positioned to collaborate with leading agriculture research universities while helping growers succeed through quality products and supportive partnerships.

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Our Tech

Download information about GoodHemp and Arcadia’s technology.


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