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AOSCA Approved Varieties

Save up to 50% on GoodHemp hemp seed - produced according to AOSCA standards:

Purchase >5K seeds and get 10% off

Purchase >100K seeds and get 30% off

Purchase >1M seeds and get 50% off

Choose GoodHemp’s Rogue, Umpqua and Santiam varieties for the highest quality, uniformity and purity!


Rogue: $0.50/seed

  • Very uniform variety delivered as F1 from stable parents
  • Known for reddish-green flowers
  • CBD:THC ratio in the 28:1 range
  • CBD levels ~10%

Umpqua: $0.50/seed

  • Intermediate hemp variety with an auto-flower in its lineage
  • Dense, green-to-yellow flowers for smokable hemp production
  • Known for citrusy, smooth diesel flavor
  • CBD ~10-15%

Santiam: $0.50/seed

  • Full-season hybrid
  • High yield, consistent, early finisher
  • Large, dense flowers; pink pistils
  • Pound for pound our highest yielder of flower
  • CBD:THC ratio ~28:1

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