Cannabis Types and Breeding History: Why Type Matters to Hemp Growers

May 14, 2020

Join Dr. Randy Shultz, CTO at Arcadia Biosciences and GoodHemp, for an introduction to the cannabis plant, an overview of past breeding efforts that led to today's varieties, and a discussion on how modern breeding and genomics can be used to accelerate the improvement of this newly legal crop. We'll highlight some of the important challenges and "watch-outs" to help growers have a successful harvest.

Feminized Seed: Improving Production and Being a Good Neighbor

May 28, 2020

Join Madeline Tomka, Arcadia's Grow Operations Manager for GoodHemp, to learn how feminized seeds improve your production practices and help prevent pollen flow. We'll also discuss how GoodHemp's seed varieties are produced and tested to ensure high feminization rates.

Plant Spacing: Decisions About Your Field Design

June 11, 2020

Agronomist and experienced hemp grower, Mike Christensen will talk you through the variables of plant spacing as you'll want to understand how the way you layout your field depends on your irrigation plan and your harvest equipment.  Join us!

Seed Priming & Conditioning Effects in Hemp

June 25, 2020

A strong start can make all the difference. Learn about how the lessons of seed conditioning gleaned from other crops has transitioned into hemp. Gerard will provide a general overview of seed enhancement technology and outline the types of technologies we as a hemp growing community have in our toolbox including upgrading, film coating, pelleting, priming, disinfection, additives, and more.

Plant Architecture: How a Plant's Architecture Should Reflect Your Production Plans

July 9, 2020

Hemp comes in many shapes and sizes - and different architecture can affect your farming decisions, from plant-spacing and irrigation plans to harvesting.

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Choosing Your Cannabinoid: A Primer on the Pathway, Underyling Genetics, and Considerations When Choosing What to Grow

July 23, 2020

Learn about the various cannabinoids produced by hemp and their health and wellness effects from John Goodstal, Breeding Research Manager for Arcadia Biosciences.

Recognizing the Male Hemp Plants in the Field: Improving Quality of Product

August 6, 2020

Keeping your field free of pollen ensures the highest cannabinoid yield. Even high quality feminized seed can have a few males, so finding them is critical for attaining the highest market value.

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