Uniform variety delivered as F1 from stable parents

Rogue is a stable hybrid derived from inbred parent lines selected for yield and rapid plant growth. She has a loose plant structure and a round shape with impressive dense greenish-red flowers. Expect lots of dense medium sized flowers ideal for the flower market. Rogue also has the highest CBD potency of our varieties which makes her ideal for the oil market. All seeds come fully feminized.


Very uniform variety delivered as F1 from stable parents
Known for greenish-red flowers
CBD:THC ratio in the 28:1 range
CBD levels near 10%
Flowers when daylight reaches 14 hours or less
Seedlings available

Benefits for Growers

Ultra-low THC
Feminized seeds
Ongoing agronomic support
Trusted partnership
Regulatory compliance
Superior rotation options
Early access to cutting-edge varieties
Consistent crop yield and cannabinoid production

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