Full-season hybrid with an upright conical structure

Santiam was selected for high yield, consistency and early finishing. The result is a full-season hybrid with an upright conical structure and a surprisingly early finish for a full-season variety. Santiam provides large dense flowers with a pungent odor and beautiful pink pistils. Santiam is pound for pound our highest yielder of flower making it perfect for the flower market or biomass. All seeds come fully feminized.


Heat and cold stress resistant
Known for its pink pistils and pungent odor
CBD:THC ratio in the 28:1 range
Flowers when daylight reaches 14.75 hours or less
Seedlings available

Benefits for Growers

Ultra-low THC
Feminized seeds
Ongoing agronomic support
Trusted partnership
Regulatory compliance
Superior rotation options
Early access to cutting-edge varieties
Consistent crop yield and cannabinoid production

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