Intermediate hemp variety with an auto-flower in its lineage

Umpqua is our flagship variety. It is a stable hybrid derived from inbred parent lines with autoflower lineage giving farmers an early finish and provides consistent high yields. Umpqua has a Christmas tree-like structure with a dominant leader, tight internodes and produces tons of beautiful dense flowers. Umpqua has been grown successfully across the U.S. and is sought after for distillate and smokable flower for its consistent high amounts of compliant CBD.


An intermediate hemp variety with an auto-flower in its lineage
Dense, green-to-yellow flowers for smokable hemp production
Known for a citrusy, smooth-diesel flavor
CBD levels near 10-15%
Seedlings available

Benefits for Growers

Ultra-low THC
Feminized seeds
Ongoing agronomic support
Trusted partnership
Regulatory compliance
Superior rotation options
Early access to cutting-edge varieties
Consistent crop yield and cannabinoid production

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